About Guru Sangamam

Dear Self,

It is a matter of much pride that the sacred land of Bharatavarsha, has been crucible to some of the world’s most vibrant spiritual traditions which flourished beyond religious divide for thousands of years. These traditions have also bestowed us with many spiritual luminaries who guided the human civilization with their grace and wisdom through the ages. These movements have been the most egalitarian, making the eternally relevant systems of human wellbeing available for all.

However, instead of being recognized globally as such, unfortunately, India is today looked upon as a nation that is filled with poverty and corruption in every way. Ridiculous and sometimes even malicious portrayals of the rich diversity of the spiritual paths offered in the country have resulted in a rise of mistrust and cynicism, which has denied the rest of the world access to these sacred traditions of the past.

In short, the spiritual potential of the country has neither been fully recognized nor acknowledged in the world. So the leaders of these spiritual traditions, the current torch-bearers of these indigenous movements that have evolved in this land for thousands of years, have converged under the aegis of Guru Sangamam – Confederation of Indigenous Spiritual Movements to remedy the situation.

The following was accepted as the objectives of the Confederation (Guru Sangamam):

  • To create a common non-religious, non-political platform for all spiritual movements having their origin in the sacred land of India and which are focused towards spiritual liberation of an individual, irrespective of one’s caste, creed, belief or ritual.
  • To nurture the fundamental longing in a human being to seek the truth about the nature of one’s existence.
  • To educate the world about the universal nature of India’s spirituality
  • To collectively work towards presenting India as the “Spiritual Capital of the World,” in a manner that is efficient, comprehensive, cohesive, and relevant to the present times.
Meeting of Gurus and sants in Jan2011.

The first meeting of the confederation has been fixed on 12th April 2012, between 11:00 am and 4:30 pm in New Delhi.Her Excellency Smt. Pratibha Patil, Hon’ble President of Indiahas kindly consented to grace the occasion and deliver the Inaugural Address.

In order for us to be able to invite all the revered Gurus of the various indigenous spiritual movements in India, we request you to share with us contact details of such eminent Gurus and sants, that you may be in touch with or aware of. The same may be emailed to us at: info@gurusangamam.org. contact Details of Gurus and Sants

This will greatly enable us to reach out to people doing wonderful service to humanity by keeping these precious traditions alive and also making it available to the world.

Your efforts and support in this regard is deeply appreciated.

With Pranams, 
Vasudevan V, 
Executive Secretary, 
Guru Sangamam 
+91-83000 13000