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Lift Your gaze, O maiden, do !


Gyan das


Raag – Shreerâg


Shyamsundar is trying to assuage Sri Radha’s maan – He is imploring Her –

Please lift Your  gaze, Râi, please lift Your gaze !

You don’t know, how much Your lowered Read the rest of this entry »

Listen, O Beauty !


When Laadliji was in a maan, Kanhaiyaaji sent  dooti (messenger-sakhi) to make peace. She approached Her and said –

Listen, just listen to me, O beautiful girl ! How much more mân will You do?

Kaanu has gone mad thinking baskets and baskets about You all night and day !

What magic-ras have You cast over Him that He has forgotten everything and is immersed only in Your meditation ?

If any passer-by merely utters “Radha” He gets agitated. All the devotees chant His Holy Name so that they may cross the material ocean and they seek refuge of the sacred feet of Gopa-sut (Sri Krishna) ; yet look at Him ! That very same Sri Hari, engulfed by Your love, forever chants Your name.

I know You have a secret desire to murder men; has no one taught You any morality? Poet Gyâna dâs says – O Râdhe ! Kânu’s heart churns whenever He thinks of Your love.


shuno shuno sundori aar koto saadhibi man?

tohaari obodhi kori nishidin jhuri jhuri

kaanu bhelo bohuto nidaan.

ki rose bhulaayoli bhulolo naagoro

nirobodhi tohaari dheyaan,

raadhaa naam kohoi jodi ponthiko

shunoite aakulo poraan.

jo hari hari kori toriye bhabaarnab

gopasuto-podo abhilaashe,

so hari sadata tuwaa naam jopoi

daarono madana-toraase.

purusho-bahder hetu tuhaar abhilaash

ke naa shikhaayoli neet,

gyaana daasa kohe tohaari pireeti

bhaabite aakul kaanur chit.

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Meaning – Srimati Râdhârâni is saying –

“Dear sakhi, please don’t ask; no really, don’t ever ask how much my darling loves me. Even if I sacrifice my life for Him it will be not be a compensation for His love. He places me on His heart and never lowers me on to the bed from there. The entire night passes with our bosoms and faces on each other’s. Just in case I turn on my side, in sleep, He wakes up startled, and asks – ‘What happened……..what happened to You?’

I place my heart on His heart and my one cheek touches His one cheek; My nose touches His nose and one of my eyes touches one of His eyes.  Now if I heave a single sigh, it agitates and stresses Him so much that He sits up. In this manner we spend the night, and poet Gyân dâs says – the divine couple love-sports like this every day.”  


Nâ puchho nâ pucho sakhi piyâko pireet,

Porâno nichhaoni dile nâ hoy uchit.

Hiyâr upor hpoite sheje nâ showây,

Buke buke mukhe mukhe rajani gowây.

Nidrer alase jodi pâsh modâ diye,

Ki bhelo ki bhelo boli chamaki uthoye.

Hiyây hiyây ek boyâne boyân,

Nâsikây nâsikây ek noyâne noyân.

Ithe jodi mui tyajiye deerghanishwâse,

Âkul hoiyâ piyâ uthoye tarâse.

Emoti banchiye nishi, duh eek mili,

Gyâna dâs kohe oichhe niti niti keli.

Raag – Dhaanshee

Meaning –

“You know what? I came all the way from home to learn how to play the flute. Shyam, do please consider me Your maidservant and teach me the art of playing the flute.

Shyâm, tell me, which tune emanates from which pore?

In which pore do You blow to make the Yamunâ flow upstream?

Shyaam, do tell me which song results from which pore?

And which is the pore in which You blow, to steal Râdhâ’s heart?

The song from which pore makes the Kadamba blossom?

And which pore sends out the song that plunders Râdhâ’s heart?”

Shyaam said – “Râi, it is good that You came. Certainly I shall teach You the art of playing the flute, and I know that it will make Gyâna dâs the happiest person.”

Original –

“Ghare hoite âilâm banshee shikhibâr tore,

Nijo dâsi boli banshee shikhâho âmâre.

Kon randhre te Shyâm gâo kon gân?

Kon randhrer gâne bohe jamunâ ujân?

Kon randhrete Shyâm gâo kon geet?

Kon randhrer gâne râdhâr hori loy chit ?

Kon randhrer gânete kadamba phool phote?

Kon randhrer gânete râdhâr prem lute?

Bhâlo hoilâ âilo râi murali shikhâbo,

Gyâna dâser mone bodo ânanda hoibo.”

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